Ellis Outdoor Cat House and Cat Run

Ellis Cat House and Cat Run to keep Cats safe outdoors

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Designed and manufactured with pride and care and with the cat and owner in mind


  • The house is 48 inches wide x 30 inches deep, it has a large opening door for access into the house to put in bedding etc, the door has a window glazed in safety plastic to let in light and let your cat spy on the world, the house also has a cat flap fitted for use by your cat
  • The cat house roof is pent design and slopes away to the rear to let rain water run off, it's made from 12mm outside grade hardwood ply and is covered with a heavy quality roofing felt for durability and total weatherproofing
  • The floor for the house is also 12mm outside grade hardwood ply which gives strength and is durable
  • There is a ramp from floor level up to the house, there is a ledge at the house for your cat to land on before entering the house through the cat flap
  • There is a full width shelf underneath the house for your cat to snooze on or used for storage
  • The cat run attached to the house is 74 inches long x 48 inches wide and stands 70 inches high so you can walk in easily, the run panels are clad in heavy 16 guage x 1 inch square weldmesh, this weldmesh is stiff and does not sag which ideal for a climbing cat, it will also keep ot predators and unwanted admirers. The run panels are modular and can be extended in 36 inch lengths, the run can also be configured in shapes to suit particular garden shapes. There is an access door to the Run which has galvanized hardware and can be secured with a padlock
  • The standard Ellis cat house and run assembled together measures 104 inches long x 48 inches wide
  • A security porch is available for the run and prevents skittish cats bolting from your arms when placing them into the run, this adds 36 inches to the length if added
  • The framework for the house and run is smooth planed redwood timber with rounded corners and all joints are screwed for strength and durability, cladding for the houses is redwood shiplap for a beautiful and durable finish
  • We use the highest quality preservative, standard finish is a deep golden brown, other finishes available are red cedar and spruce green, we can also finish in a non standard colour of your choice for an additional cost, please ring us on 07874 150313 or contact us for details
  • We also make tunnels to connect our Cat Runs to existing Cat Flaps, please contact us for details

Delivery and installation is by ourselves, delivery cost is based on round trip mileage from WV5 7EE, expert installation is free. Please refer to the Delivery and Installation Cost Table for your area, this cost will be added during the checkout process.

Important - Our Cat Runs are made to order so please contact us by email or call on 07874 150313 for the current lead time for us to make, deliver and install for you. Please contact us before purchasing.

Payment for this item will be required on day of Delivery and Installation.





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